D2L Conducts a Briefing for US Dept of Justice Officials

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Justice Department Briefing May 2011
Deborah Donovan Rice, Anne Lee, and Kim Dalfares

On May 5th, D2L, Stop it Now!, and Prevent Child Abuse America jointly conducted a briefing for 18 US Department of Justice officials. The briefing was a huge success, resulting in commitments to look for ways to include child sexual abuse prevention into Department of Justice programs and grants.

A little background… Along with Stop It Now! and Prevent Child Abuse America, other leading national organizations, D2L is working with federal agencies to encourage the integration of  prevention policies and practices into schools, child/youth-serving organizations, law enforcement agencies and other federally funded programs.

The federal government is the single largest funder of youth and children’s programs in the nation. Federal agencies have significant influence on child safety policies and practices. By integrating CSA prevention standards into federally-funded programs, these agencies have the potential to contribute to an improved society-wide standard of care.

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  1. The laws need to be tougher for someone who commit child abuse in any form. I feel as though one of the reason while people continue to commit child abuse, because they wont have to spend a lot of time.

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