Child Molestation is No Joke

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Can we all just agree that child sexual abuse is not funny?

On her podcast this morning, reality star Brandi Glanville told her guest, “I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was passed up.”

She and her guest (comedian Jim Florentine) continued their banter, with Glanville concluding, “Now looking back, I’m super-bummed. I was thinking, ‘All this and nothing?’ Super-hot and they passed me up!”

In response to public backlash, she later tweeted:

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1 in 10 children will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18. The violation of these children, OUR children, is not funny. It’s inappropriate, counterproductive, and potentially hurtful to those who’ve faced the terror of child sexual abuse.

Brandi Glanville, your show may be “comedy based,” but we’re not laughing.

For more information on preventing child sexual abuse in your community, visit The 5 Steps to Protecting Our ChildrenTM, or take D2L’s award-winning Stewards of Children prevention training®.

4 responses to “Child Molestation is No Joke

  1. Pathetic, to stoop to that level to make a joke of something so depraved that wasn’t even funny in the first place, except to those with the IQ of an amoeba who laughed out of the need to feel inclusive. That is not how intelligent, or even decent, “adults” create comedy. God forbid something so horrific were to ever happen to her own children, if she has any (hopefully not), or even any child she is close to. Her thinking, or lack there of, would be dramatically changed forever. Not having had to deal with this type of situation does not excuse her gross ignorance. Common sense, you don’t crack half-witted “jokes” about abuse against anyone, NEVER MIND child sexual abuse, which is by far the worst type of abuse ever to curse our species.

    Grow up lady.

  2. I think anyone that thinks it’s a joking matter should have to sit and listen to us survivors about what we have to live with for the rest of our lives after being sexually abused!! Makes me sick!!

  3. I was married to a pedophile. Thank God, he didn’t touch my kids or I’d be in prison right now instead of posting this. The incident(s) nearly destroyed our entire family. Child molestation is no joke at all. Only the ignorant of the subject would even consider making a joke out of something so heinous. People do make mistakes and there was an apology. I hope it was sincere.

  4. I know for a fact that Brandy Glanville has kids. She has two boys with actor Eddie Cibrian. She is an ignorant dumbass. The fact that she thinks just because her show is a comedy, it’s ok to say something like that. I am a survivor of sexual abuse and child rape. If I had been at that show I would’ve stood up slapped her in the face and called the cops myself to report that I hit her. It would’ve been so worth a couple of nights in jail for that.

    She is a pseudo-celebrity. She thinks she can say whatever she wants and get away with it. Someone needs to knock her down a peg or two back to reality, not the reality she knows. She better pray that nothing happens to her boys. Buecause if it does, some may say it’s payback for what she said. I would never want those boys to suffer in this way.

    Maybe it’s a good thing that Leann Rimes is their step-mother. I don’t see her ever saying anything like that.

    She’s just an idiot who just needs to keep her mouth shut and go back to where she came from. As a survivor, that just makes it worse when someone says something like that. It makes me feel like what I went through was not serious just a “joke”. There is nothing to joke about when it comes to being a victim of child sexual abuse and child rape.

    What is this world coming to when some pseudo-celebrity thinks they can say whatever they want and no one will say anything? DUMBASS!

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