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Best Case Worst Case with Patty Dailey Lewis​ Part II

[L to R] Jim Clemente, Patty Dailey Lewis, & Francey Hakes
She’s back! Darkness to Light Board Member and Executive Director of the Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children, Patty Dailey Lewis, Esq., appeared on the Best Case Worst Case podcast once again. The podcast, hosted by Jim Clemente and Francey Hakes, takes you behind police lines, giving you unparalleled access to the most memorable cases – for better or for worse.

Jim and Francey interviewed Patty on one of her “worst cases” while serving as Deputy Attorney General and Director of the Family Division of the Delaware Department of Justice (DDOJ). The podcast is about a child sexual abuse case that disrupted a community, inspired Beau Biden to make child protection a priority, and motivates the Beau Biden Foundation to this day. The perpetrator was the town’s pediatrician, a man who groomed not only the victim’s families, but the entire community. This episode is a case of pure evil, with victims as young as two weeks old.

Listen to how a town grappled with this devastating situation, and how the Deputy Attorney General’s Office worked to make sure everyone got the services they needed to start to heal. Listen to episode 40 now. Warning, this is a difficult case, if you are a survivor please listen with care.

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