Being a Hero and Talking About Child Sexual Abuse

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Spring is here and April is just around the corner. April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Darkness to Light is working to encourage everyone to TALK about child sexual abuse. This TEDx Talk, by Jill Tolles, perfectly illustrates why TALKING ABOUT IT is something we ALL must do to protect children for sexual abuse. Watch the talk below and get a sneak peek into what we have planned for Child Abuse Awareness Month on

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  1. Jill’s talk is heroic. The New York Times reported Whole Foods CEO John Mackey’s support of alleged child sex abuser, former rabbi Marc Gafni. NYT: “She was 14 going on 35.” Mackey is board chair of Gafni’s nonprofit. Whole Foods and John Mackey, please speak up. “Silence is an abuser’s best friend.” On behalf of one-in-four survivors, please have courage and speak up.

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