Another Public Figure Comes Forward as a Survivor

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Another public figure has come forward as a survivor of sexual abuse. “Senator Scott Brown, describing a childhood of family violence and strife, reveals in his new autobiography that he was sexually assaulted as a 10-year-old by a summer camp counselor on Cape Cod.”

Within the past few years, a rapidly growing number of celebrities and public figures have begun publicly disclosing the sexual abuse they suffered as children. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 40 million survivors of sexual abuse. Each celebrity that comes out as a survivor takes a huge step in helping millions of silent victims across the United States.

On behalf of Darkness to Light we want to thank Scott Brown for his courage! We also want to encourage everyone to learn more about PREVENTION, with the hope that 40 million children won’t have to endure the pain of sexual abuse.

You can read more about Senator Brown here.

2 responses to “Another Public Figure Comes Forward as a Survivor

  1. Thanks for posting this, Ellen.
    As a MA resident and one who works in child sexual abuse prevention, I followed Scott Brown’s work over the years, fighting CSA when he was in the MA legislature. He sponsored and supported bills including an (attempted) amended statute of limitations, sex offender reform, and Jessica’s bill. When I had the opportunity to meet with him and tell him about my own work, he immediately handed me his card, told me who to call in his office and offered his support. Shortly thereafter, information about our Stewards of Children workshops and my children’s book about trustIng and telling was blasted out via email to over 9,000 of his constituents. At the time I had no idea about his own history with sexual abuse, but I knew that he had worked hard and stood firm in his resolve to prevent and respond to it.
    A life-long Democrat, when it came time to cast my vote in the MA special election, I voted for Senator Brown because I believed he would be his own man and one of action. To date, I believe I’ve been proven right. I certainly hope that his revelation will offer him solace and healing; I do believe it will help others who might not otherwise have been able to overcome their own secrets and shame.

  2. William,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I’m glad you are ready to begin the healing process. You are certainly not alone. There are millions of adult survivors walking among us in America. It is so important to get the help you need and there are some are some wonderful survivors resources on our website:

    Thank you for your voice and your bravery. At Darkness to Light we work hard to stop this devastation from occurring in the lives of other children. We believe there will be a day when sexual abuse simply does not happen. Thank you for your partnership in prevention. You are in our thoughts.

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