Anne Responds to Mohler Incest

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Read incest story here

Recent news outlets have let us all know how horrible child sexual abuse is… Let’s get them talking about how to PREVENT it.

Tune in tomorrow for our second Tuesday Talking Point. Anne will discuss her experience of sexual abuse and how it led her to found Darkness to Light.

4 responses to “Anne Responds to Mohler Incest

  1. Paft, we're primarily concerned with the media's failure to publicize Prevention as an alternative to the horror of child sexual abuse. But in response to your question, fabricated sexual abuse reports constitute only 1% to 4% of all reported cases. Chances are, these guys are guilty.

  2. I am working with my therapist to be a voice in my community. Thanks for reminding us all that getting the media to talk about this is not something we should just sit back and wait to happen!!! We need to be proactive and spreading the word about prevention is an amazing way to do that. Kudos to you and your organization.

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