American Attitudes Towards Child Sexual Abuse – Pt. 1

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You may have seen that we recently released a landmark survey gauging American attitudes towards child sexual abuse (CSA). Starting this week, we’re going to have a 3-week blog series unpacking the results of this significant survey. This week we’re focusing on the disconnect between Americans’ recognition of a problem, and the perceived lack of coverage/knowledge surrounding the issue of CSA.

As the infograph above indicates, 9 in 10 Americans recognize CSA as a major problem, but 75% of Americans feel that most cannot recognize the signs of sexual abuse. While we’re encouraged that people have grasped the scope of the issue, we’re determined to improve prevention knowledge.

On top of the fact that Americans lack the knowledge-tools to prevent sexual abuse, Americans believe that sexual abuse is significantly under-reported. 80% of Americans feel that most cases go unreported, and only 40% believe that we hear about cases when they are reported.

It is important for Darkness to Light to understand these statistics on attitudes toward CSA, but it is also important that YOU as individuals feel like you have access to prevention, intervention and reaction resources. We encourage you to share these results with your friends and start a conversation around the issue. Do your own research in gauging the attitudes of your friends and family towards child sexual abuse. One of the best ways to protect children is to be open with this difficult issue. Use these results as a learning and a conversation tool!

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5 responses to “American Attitudes Towards Child Sexual Abuse – Pt. 1

  1. You know, I have dedicated my life to the complete protection of our abused children and it is just so ridiculous that most people do not even want to know that child sexual abuse exists. I fought to finally get my B.A. In order to work full time in this field and I know that it is because I am so pro active and not afraid to fight the courts that I cannot find work yet. I also know that God hasn’t brought me this far to let me down now. I will change the laws to protect our children from the evils that are constantly preying on the most innocent. To continue to release these predators back out into society with a scarlet P on their chest is not working.

  2. education is the most important issue in preventing childhood sexual abuse. keep up the good work and keep informing the public on what predators are and how they act, also signs to look for in children being abused. everyone needs to be aware of abuse issues and know how to deal with them. people should be aware of the emotional upheaval in abuse victims. we should also know the reporting requirements in our states concerning abuse. people should not be afraid of getting involved with this issue. keep informing us about these issues so that we better understand them. thanks, ken.

  3. We need to work to normalize the conversation and the topic of CSA! Today’s society wants to turn and run the other way, unless it is a high-profile case, where the spotlight is shining brightly. I think schools are an excellent way to begin normalizing the discussion and topic of CSA. Change within our society starts with local communities and within the school systems.

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  5. Yes school systems are a target population. I am going to petition the Child Care LIcensing Bureau in my state to require mandatory CSA training for all licensed child care providers, whether they are in home providers or providers at all day care centers. THere are topics they currently require training on such as SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome, both very important but much less common than CSA. When I approached the agency they informed me I would have to wait until next spring when the rule revision commitee meets. I will not give up!

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