Actress Challen Cates talks about her work and her passion for Darkness to Light

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Challen Cates an actress, mother, and adult survivor of child sexual abuse was recently interviewed about her current work on the hugely popular Nickelodean’s Big Time Rush about her role and her support of Darkness to Light.

Challen believes in the importance of bringing awareness to adults on how to prevent childhood sexual abuse and how to see the signs and keep your kids out of danger. As a child, Challen was sexually abused and wishes someone would have seen the signs or picked up on what was going on.

Challen also talks about how it took her a long time to even be able to talk about what happened to her and now realizes how important it is share her story to help others. You can read the full interview here.

Thank you Challen for being a courageous voice and an advocate for prevention.

One response to “Actress Challen Cates talks about her work and her passion for Darkness to Light

  1. I just want to say that more needs to be done to prosecute these offenders. My children now 22 and 17 were molested by their uncle who lived with us. My son became self-destructive and angry twice attempting to take his own life–it was until January that he came forward with what had happened to him when he was 9 or 10. My daughter was raped by the same man at the age of 12. She did not come forward until this past year. We brought our statements to the local police then County Prosecutor’s office. It was at this level that we were treated as if we made this up and then were told that they would not prosecute or even question the the pedophile. I know my children are telling the truth. I know what this man is capable of, but the law is afraid that if they bring this man in and charge him, that they will loose the case and it will tarnish their record. So a pedophile is left to abuse and destroy more children.

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