A Survivor Tells Her Story

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Sometimes we are asked why we use the term survivor instead of victim.

This is why.

Words cannot express the admiration we have for survivors like Anna Lee Gruenwald, who are able to not only overcome, but to speak up about their abuse to help others. Thank you, Anna.

For more information on preventing child sexual abuse in your community, visit The 5 Steps to Protecting Our ChildrenTM, or take D2L’s award-winning Stewards of Children® prevention training.

2 responses to “A Survivor Tells Her Story

  1. Anna,
    You are the true meaning of a survivor, and I pray that you continue on your journey of the healing process. What was done to you forever touched your spirit and soul, but you have shown that you are strong and can face the evil head-on. Blessings….

  2. Beautiful. Bold. Brilliant…. brought me to tears I needed to cry. Not for me but for my friend who didn’t make it through the shame, that he knew was never his to begin with. He hung himself 3 months ago because of the sexual abuse by his MOTHER up until the age of at least 5 and then the bullying of others around him. He was a beautiful, brilliant, Iditarod dog musher…and although most saw him as happy and successful, he was consumed in shame and guilt. You can read his story at DariosLegacy.com… please do. Even though he is gone, it still matters. He mattered. :<
    Thank you.

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