A prevention movement taking root in Louisiana

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Child sexual abuse prevention training has been ongoing in Louisiana for some time through the work of a few dedicated professionals throughout the state.  But with the recent addition of community awareness meetings and the formation of a coalition more adults are being trained than ever.  Case in point, a principal with Bridgetown Elementary School in Metairie who attended a meeting, committed to training all of the school faculty.  The training took place on Tuesday, January 4th and was covered by The Times Picayune.  Click here for more information and to view pictures from the training.

Stacie Leblanc who is the Executive Director of both the New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center, and the Audrey Hepburn Care Center at Children’s Hospital is hopeful that this training will encourage other schools to follow.

Regular community awareness meetings, which help the community understand not only the emotional toll of child sexual abuse but the economic impact as well, are being held in New Orleans, Hammond and throughout the other surrounding parishes.  Rob Carlisle, Chief Executive Officer, with Child Advocacy Services in Hammond, LA a trained instructor and facilitator for Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children program has been instrumental in launching these efforts is really proud to be a part of a growing prevention movement in Louisiana.  He is getting a great response from the community regarding the meetings and training sessions.

These efforts demonstrate that great things can happen when communities come together to combat a major societal problem.  Cindy Brown, a volunteer facilitator and coalition member, said it best about this important work, “How great for kids!”

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