What’s With The ANT?!

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D2L Billboard on I-26

If you were to walk into our office not knowing what we do, your first guess might be entomologists (insect scientists). Throughout the office we have ants of all shapes, sizes and colors decorating each and every corner. It’s funny
how we came to be ant enthusiasts, but at Darkness to Light we hold the ant in high esteem.

D2L Founder, Anne Lee, was watching television one night when she came across a program “The Amazing Ant.” Anne was fascinated by with what she learned. First, ants only walk forward, never backwards; on top of that ants are constantly communicating with each other through pheromones. Even more incredible is the fact that ants will only ever carry one grain of dirt at a time, but if left to work ants can actually change an entire landscape.

Anne realized that if we as citizens modeled ourselves after The Amazing Ant that we could end child sexual abuse one adult at a time. She contacted local artist Jeffrey Kennedy, and our office has been full of Amazing Ants ever since.

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