The Verdict is In – Guilty on 45 Counts!

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First, we would like to say that we are happy that justice has been served. We applaud the courage of the survivors who came forward to see that Jerry Sandusky pays for the crimes he committed. By sharing their painful story with the world, these men ensured that other children would be saved from this predator.  That courage has been rewarded with this decision.

Now that we know Sandusky’s fate, we hope the victims and their families, the Centre County community and the nation can move forward with healing.
This tragedy put a major social problem in the spotlight. Child sexual abuse touches too many lives and too many communities. We need to turn this moment in time into a real opportunity to increase awareness about the issue and prevent future injustice against children. We need every parent, caregiver, teacher, coach – every responsible adult – to be a better protector of children. We must insist on policies at the community and institutional levels to ensure that we keep the children in our lives safe.

The time to act is now. We owe it to Sandusky’s victims and to all victims. Visit to learn what you can do to prevent child sexual abuse.

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