The Story On Parole for Sexual Offenders (California)

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Are California’s sex offender and parole laws being properly enforced? What are the economic and social costs of implementing stricter laws? We’ll look at the battle to make sure California’s legal system is working properly.

Maureen Cavanaugh: San Diego continues to mourn the deaths of teenagers Chelsea King and Amber Dubois. Now that the memorial services are over, the conversation has turned toward prevention. Chelsea King’s parents and a local assemblyman are in the process of crafting a new Chelsea’s law, which will reportedly focus attention on “tightening” up parole requirements for people convicted of sex crimes. The man charged with Chelsea’s murder is a registered sex offender.

The confusing part of this issue is that California has already tightened up parole and the length of prison sentences for sex offenders. The question is whether the reforms are being enforced, and practically speaking, are there enough resources, in terms of personnel and money, to carry out the reforms.

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