The Man in Black Trench Coat is NOT Who You Should Worry About

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Most people growing up are taught to be weary of strangers; those guys in black trench coats who offer kids candy as a lure to abduct them. While kids obviously should be on guard when it comes to strangers, it may shock you to know that it’s the people they know and trust that pose biggest threat when it comes to sexual abuse.

Sadly, 90% of all child sexual abuse cases are perpetrated by someone the child and their family know and trust.

That statistic may shock you, but it makes perfect sense. No mindful parent would willingly leave their kid with a perfect stranger, but it’s easy to leave the kids alone with Uncle Al, or Coach Sanders.

Sexual predators are typically perfectly functional members of society. Most perpetrators gain access to children not through force, but through trust. If they can get parents and children to trust them, then they will have an opportunity to be alone with the child.

So how do you know who to trust? All one on one situations with children aren’t dangerous, so how can you decide where and when to draw the line?

Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children Prevention Program was created to answer questions just like those above. The knowledge gained from our program is priceless. It has been proven that one adult who takes Stewards of Children will better protect at least 1o children from sexual abuse. Learn the warning signs, Get Trained.

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