The Heroes Amoung Us!

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Adults came from throughout Louisiana to join in the annual training and conference entitled “The Heroes Among Us!” headed by Peggy Kirby. The Louisiana Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (LAFAPA) recently held its annual conference and training at Embassy Suites in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This training was attended by over 350 foster families, foster youth, adoptive parents, child protestion staff, and other professionals to learn more about protecting children. Child Advocacy Services partnered with LAFAPA to offer the Stewards of Children Training to foster parents in attendance. “This training has been in the works for a long time now”, stated Rob Carlisle from Child Advocacy Services. “We are so very grateful to offer the Stewards of Children training in these training venue. We know this training will lead to hundreds more becomming trained. Stewards of Children was well received and we continue to receive positive feedback from first responsers and those working to protect children. We were very honored to offer the training and look forward to an annual partnership to cointinue this great work”.

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