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A Survivor Becomes An Advocate – Sylvia’s Story

I don’t talk about my story much. I guess it’s easier to suppress the feelings or forget about what happened years ago. I remember being a child in Guatemala, my birth country. My parents were working on migrating the family to the U.S. My father left several months before us. We lived in a large …

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Finding Beauty in the Broken – Clarissa’s Story

Darkness to Light shares survivor stories in the hopes of highlighting the ways that survivors are healing from their abuse and helping others. Clarissa Carpenter helps survivors of child sexual abuse through her work with The Younique Foundation, an organization that provides retreats for women where they learn skills that can help them find individual healing. …

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Summoning Courage: Kandra Albury’s Story

As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Kandra Albury found the courage within herself to speak out against the abuse and ultimately encourage children to do the same. Recently Darkness to Light had the opportunity to speak with Kandra and learn more about her “courageous” endeavors. D2L: Why did you get involved in child sexual …

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Personal Healing as a Public Project: Ignacio Rivera’s Story

As child sexual abuse survivors begin to stand up and speak out about their own experiences, they are filling the world with their perspectives. One of those survivors, Ignacio Rivera, hopes to not only share a personal experience with abuse, but amplify the voices of others. Through The HEAL Project, Rivera is giving survivors a …

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My Healing Journey Following Child Sexual Abuse

Dave Moody is one of the survivors featured in Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children® child sexual abuse prevention training. In the video below and the blog post that follows, Dave shares in his own words his survivor story and his journey to healing.  My story is one that you might have heard before. Born and …

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