A Statement from the CEO: Our Commitment to Justice

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Two hundred and ninety-five days ago, I, like many other leaders, released a statement expressing my commitment to leading an anti-racist organization. It was a statement that I wrote with passion and conviction—emotions that have frequently resurfaced over the last nine months, but particularly in the wake of last Tuesday’s tragic murder of six Asian women in Atlanta.

You can read my full statement from June 2, 2020, here.

We are committed to social justice and human rights

The loss of these women is a national tragedy. When placed in a global context of a 150% increase in hate crimes reported against Asians in America, it becomes an acute emergency and one more indication of how a collective lack of attention to anti-racism results in senseless violence. Therefore, I write to you today not only to reaffirm my commitment to leading an anti-racist organization, but to call on our child sexual abuse prevention community to commit to anti-racism work once again as both neighbors and engaged professionals.

Darkness to Light opposes all forms of oppression against the Asian community. We oppose all acts motivated by sexual violence. We oppose all narratives that condone violence against the vulnerable. We strive for the day that our Asian neighbors do not have to fear abuse, be it verbal harassment, gun violence, or sexual violence.

So as members of our prevention community, I ask you to acknowledge the unique forms of oppression experienced by the Asian community in the United States. I ask that you reflect on the intersection of racism and sexual violence—particularly the universal sexualization of young Asian women. I ask you to actively challenge narratives that condone violence against the vulnerable—especially those narratives which determine worth based on sex, race, or socio-economic status.

Our collective mission is rooted in empathy, understanding, and action—each critical to the successful prevention of child abuse and sexual violence. Darkness to Light is committed to ensuring Asian children grow up happy, healthy, and safe.

We ask that you commit to this work with us, because at the end of the day, to fight for one right, the right to a childhood free of abuse, while ignoring other rights, such as equity and justice for Asian lives, is not acceptable.

Yours in Courage and Solidarity,

Katelyn N. Brewer,
President & CEO


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