Six Degrees of Separation

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We’ve just implemented a new fundraising tool on our blog and we’re excited to share it with you! As you can see on the right, we’ve installed a new donation widget affiliated with Network for Good.

Our new fudraising widget uses the six degrees concept which you may have heard of. According to the Six Degrees Concept, any one person is connected to any other person through six or fewer relationships. is about using this idea to accomplish something good. It’s social networking with a social conscience.

So the idea is for YOU, our supporters to install the donation badge on your blogs and share the Darkness to Light badge link with your friends. They share it with their friends and so on and so forth… Eventually the whole world contributing to PREVENTING child sexual abuse!! (That’s a lofty hope, but you get the picture)

How to Install the Badge
1) Click “Share” at the top of the badge.
2) To copy the HTML code simply click “Copy”
3) Paste the HTML code in HTML/Java Script section found in the Layout tab on blogger
4) Voila, you’re raising money for child sexual abuse!

To send the link to the badge simply click “Share” and copy and paste the link provided into an email or Twitter.

We encourage all of our supporters to install the Darkness to Light badge on their blogs and become E-Advocates for child sexual abuse! Once you’ve installed the badge on YOUR blog Tweet at us or comment and let us know!

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