Recent Child Abuse Stories in the Media

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You may have heard the recent news about the international child pornography ring which was busted, and Warren Jeffs’ conviction on child sexual abuse charges.  As disturbing as these stories are, it’s easy to overlook them as something that just doesn’t affect us.  Chris  Newlin, Executive Director of the National Child Advocacy Center recently responded to these stories with commentary that should hit home with all of us.  Chris writes:

“Why do we tolerate this? Why do we let it go on?
Every one of us can do something about it. Find out what’s happening in your community to protect children from abuse and neglect. Ask about child protection policies at your place of worship, and in sports organizations for kids. Volunteer your time and share your resources with programs that are working to protect children. Encourage people you know to do something about it. “

Read Chris’ letter here and thanks to Chris and his network of Child Advocacy Centers all over the country that are working hard to protect children every day.

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