Oprah on Child Molesters: Joint Statement from Stop It Now! and Darkness to Light

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We applaud Oprah for her ongoing efforts to prevent the sexual abuse of children. Parents watching this show may have additional questions about how to protect their children. Just as some people watching will want more information about where to go for help for themselves.

Stop It Now! and Darkness to Light are advocating for all adults to prevent sexual abuse of children by learning practical steps to create the safe environment children deserve.

Since 1992, Stop It Now! has been in conversation with families who have been impacted by childhood sexual abuse. From these conversations with those who were abused, those who abused and family members, we have distilled the information adults need to prevent and stop the sexual abuse of children – especially to know where to turn for help. Please visit www.StopItNow.org and our Online Help Center (http://GetHelp.StopItNow.org) for resources and guidance.

Darkness to Light, www.d2l.org, is an international non-profit dedicated to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse. Our 2.5 hour training – Stewards of Children – is an evidence based primary preventioni training for responsible adults, giving them common sense proactive tools that allow them to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. The training is available in Spanish and is also online. Our 2500+ facilitators of our training are in 47 states & 10 additional countries.

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