NY Times Parenting Blog, Motherlode, mentions D2L

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KJ Dell’Antonia is a lead blogger for the NY Times parenting blog called Motherlode, Adventures in Parenting.  KJ’s blog post today, The Sandusky Verdict: Who Would Believe a Kid focuses on what parents can do to help prevent child sexual abuse.

Jolie Logan of D2L says, “organizations must have policies requiring that anyone who sees something must report. It has to be a condition of employment. Every adult needs to know the facts and know the signs, so they are more confident and empowered to speak up. Perpetrators are drawn to places where they can have access to kids, and they also are very talented at building trust in other adults, which is another reason education is critical. ”

The blog also included links to more information on D2L’s web site.  Thank you KJ for talking about the importance of prevention and sharing practical information with your readership.

Read KJ’s blog here.

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