Healing Through Art: Jenna Rose Simon’s Story

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enna Rose Simon had been drawing for years before one of her pieces went viral on social media. Ever since, she has been sharing her gift with the world via her online platforms. Her art, which began as a way to find her voice as a survivor of abuse, subsequently gave a voice to other survivors.

She recognizes that her art can be triggering, both for herself and viewers. Please be aware that some of her art accompanies this article and deals with the issue of child sexual abuse in a direct manner and therefore may be upsetting.

Darkness to Light recently had a chance to speak with Jenna about her art and how it’s impacted her life and the lives of others.

D2L: How long have you been drawing?
Jenna: I have been drawing most of my life, but only started drawing seriously within the last year or two. I’m mostly self taught, and I’ve enjoyed drawing for as long as I can remember.

D2L: What is your creative process like?
Jenna: It mostly involves taking from my own experiences or the experiences of others in my life. I try to draw things that I feel matter in the world, rather than just a simple portrait or celebrity (though I do draw those as well). I try to draw what’s in my heart, which often winds up coming out in a creative way without really trying. I do from time to time try to draw a concept that I feel those following me will relate to, even if it is not specific to me personally. At those times, I spend a great deal of energy trying to find relevant issues in society today, such as bullying, self-esteem issues, or the need for approval. Then I attempt to draw out a concept that easily depicts those struggles, so that people looking at it can easily see what the concept is and hopefully relate to it and feel something