“Many times when a child discloses sexual abuse it will be to a teacher…”

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A great article was published yesterday by the Lexington Clipper-Herald about a group of Nebraskans stepping up to protect the children in their community by educating adults how to prevent child sexual abuse using D2L’s Stewards of Children .

On Nov. 1, Matt Fosket, advocate and volunteer coordinator for the Bridge of Hope Child Advocacy Center, returned from specialized training in sexual abuse prevention along with other members of the community. Included in that group was North Platte High School/Community Liaison Brandy Buscher.

They are combining their efforts to bring the sexual abuse prevention training directly into the schools.

“People from all different backgrounds attended the training and everyone left inspired by it to go out and do something,” said Fosket. “Brandy was inspired to bring the training back to all the teachers and this will really improve the way we identify kids who have been abused, and how to respond to sexual abuse disclosures.”

Read the full article here.

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