Keeping Children Safe All Summer Long

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Summer is often a favorite time of the year for everyone, especially for kids. Vacations, sports and faith based programs, camps, and more provide a variety of ways that children can enjoy their time before heading back to school.

As parents and concerned adults, it’s important we know how to keep the children in our lives safe as they participate in all the activities the summer has to offer. Choosing the right programs and ensuring there are policies in place to protect your child are two very important steps to planning a safe and happy summer. I hope this short video will be a useful tool to support you in that process.

At Darkness to Light, our goal is to educate adults on the prevention of child sexual abuse. Imagine if all of the adults caring for your child were trained how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

You can help make this happen! For a donation as little as $10, we can train one person through our Stewards of Children training, and for $350 we can train one facilitator who can then start training a community. Regardless of the amount of your gift, it will go a long way in preventing child sexual abuse.

Please support our work to end child sexual abuse by giving today.

Gifts from friends like you make it possible for us to train the adults that care for your child, including summer youth serving staff and volunteers. Funds received by June 30th will make an immediate impact this summer, so please make your donation today.

I’m choosing to make a difference. I hope you will too.

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