I Just Became an Authorized Facilitator, Now What?

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Perhaps you just completed your Authorized Facilitator workshop or have been recently Re-Authorized to deliver the NEW Stewards of Children®. In either case, you might be wondering what your next steps should be to engage your communities to become prevention-oriented. 

During your workshop, your Instructors mentioned the Marketing Toolkit and Resources that were available to you on your Facilitator Dashboard. Follow us as we walk through what those resources are and how you might go about using them. 

First Things First

If you don’t have your own business cards, or you want to keep your role as a facilitator separate, we have a business card template that you can use and put in your personal information. These are great to leave with participants so they can reach out to you if they have another organization they want to recommend to you to get trained. 


Another way to spotlight your role as an Authorized Facilitator is to use our badge in your email signature or use a custom email signature we have created for you. Both promote your ability to deliver Stewards of Children® in your community.


Spread the Word

Let everyone know you are able to bring Stewards of Children® into the community. You can share ready-to-go graphics on social media (add your organization’s logo if you would like), attach the one sheets we have to emails so that those you are coordinating a training with can see what the key features and learning objectives are.


We also have an official press release that you can customize as well as information about Darkness to Light®, the organization, should you need it.


Promoting Your Training

If you are scheduling a training and are opening up the registration to the public, or if you have scheduled your training and now need to let the participants know how to register, we have a few flyer templates you can choose from. Simply plug in your specific training information and details (virtual or in person).


Co Branding

As an Authorized Facilitator, you are able to use the Darkness to Light® logo and other assets as long as you follow our branding guidelines. You will find both (various logos and the brand guidelines) in the Toolkit. If you still have questions or want to make sure something is okay, please email media@d2l.org.


Breaking the Stigma

Whether it is April (Child Abuse Prevention Month) or any other time you want to bring attention to the need for prevention, we have taken 10 of the top statistics and facts from the NEW Stewards of Children® for you to use. They are available in two formats, landscape and square – perfect for social media.


We also have taken the 5 Steps to Protecting Children and created two versions of a flyer you can use that reminds all adults of the steps we need to take to protect children. Perfect to print and use as a poster, share as an email attachment, or use on social media, too.


A Whole New World

Virtual trainings of Stewards of Children® are here to stay. So why not have some fun. We have created three different virtual backgrounds that you can use when you are delivering the training virtually or if you are meeting with someone to talk about why they should bring the training to their organization or community.


The Storefront

All of the above resources are free for you to use and print. We do have a few others that are available on the Storefront (posters, rack cards, marketing materials, promotional materials). Check the Storefront often to see what new items we have added that you are able to order and use to promote your prevention efforts.


We wish you the best of luck as you begin engaging the organizations and communities you are connected to and as you make new connections. Remember, it can take time as you become a leader in addressing child sexual abuse and the role adults have in prevention. But as we make choices that protect children, take risks to minimize dangers to children and support one another, it will become second nature – like putting on a seatbelt.

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