Happy Birthday D2L!

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2010 marks the 10th year that we have been working to prevent child sexual abuse. In the past ten years, we have grown from one frustrated survivor shocked that no national prevention program existed to a ground-breaking, grassroots, comprehensive prevention movement. From these humble beginnings came Stewards of Children, the only evidenced-based child sexual abuse prevention training available. There are now more than 3,000 facilitators teaching this program all over the country (and 11 countries!)

The topic of child sexual abuse is getting more attention in the media than ever before:

  • Oprah recently devoted two episodes to the subject of child sexual abuse and we were pleased to be part of the show by connecting the producers with guests for the show. www.D2L.org was also listed as a resource on www.Oprah.com, a website that reaches millions daily!
  • People Magazine’s staff was recently trained with our Stewards of Children training and agreed that the world needs to know more about this important issue. They sent a writer to Charleston to meet with us and they are working on an article for a future issue of the magazine about the work we are doing!

We continue to be thrilled that our home state of South Carolina has a Department of Education that really gets the critical role schools can play in keeping children safe. Over 24,000 teachers and staff have now been trained to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse!  And we aren’t stopping until everyone has been trained! We hope that other education systems will be inspired to follow SC’s lead in this area.

We are poised to do something great – to change the culture in America so people understand that child sexual abuse is something to prevent – not to mourn after the fact. We can’t do this alone. But together, with people like you who care, we can change our culture and give every child the opportunity to grow up healthy and whole.

Want to help? Take the trainingspread the word, or make a donation. Thank you for your support!

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