College of Charleston students learn to prevent child sexual abuse

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On Tuesday afternoon, D2L headquarters welcomed College of Charleston (CofC) students involved with the Charleston, South Carolina-based Communities In Schools (CIS). This organization provides a “nationally-acclaimed dropout prevention program that surrounds [high school] students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.” CIS requires volunteers to take Stewards of Children training when coming on board.

Stewards of Children takes a practical approach to prevention training, and is delivered in a conversational, real-world style — a method students can appreciate. Participants learn the 5 Steps to Protecting our Children, and how a few simple actions can have far-reaching positive effects.

College students represent an often overlooked, but significant force in child protection. From volunteer positions, to careers working with youth, to future parenthood — these students have the ability to prevent, recognize, and react to child sexual abuse from the time they step foot onto the graduation stage until the time their grandchildren take their first steps.

We applaud organizations like CIS and CofC that recognize the importance of prevention training for students. And we are grateful for each college graduate that enters the “real world” equipped to protect the children in his or her life.

For more information on preventing child sexual abuse in your community, visit The 5 Steps to Protecting Our ChildrenTM, or take D2L’s award-winning Stewards of Children® prevention training.

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