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Raise awareness during Child Abuse Prevention Month!

Every April we commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Month, a national holiday devoted to raising awareness about the Child Abuse Prevention Month - the fact is... importance of child well-being, strategies to keep kids safe, and supporting families and communities in preventing the maltreatment of children.

This year, join us on a month-long journey as we go back to basics, exploring the fundamental facts about child sexual abuse. Knowing the facts is the first step on the journey of child protection! That’s why we’ve developed a simple toolkit to help you learn, practice, and share.

Each week we’ll focus on a different foundational fact (such as, “the fact is: you know survivors of child sexual abuse”) and how the truth about abuse can help us strategize to better protect kids. This toolkit is filled with statistics, key takeaways, survivor stories, journal prompts, social media posts and more. They can help you practice prevention in your own life, and raise awareness among your friends and family. Download the kit and start planning your April activities today!

Child Abuse Prevention Month Kit - Download

P.S. Close out Child Abuse Prevention Month with us by celebrating at IGNITE 2021, our first ever virtual conference!

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