Charleston Magazine’s Giving Back Winner: Tara Guérard

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We want to personally thank Tara for all of her hard work in making D2L’s Gala something special each and every year. This year she was honored with Charleston Magazine’s “Giving Back Award for Creative Talent.”

“She has ingeniously transformed Marion Square into an elegant Mandarin milieu complete with koi pond and wooden rickshaws. She’s cleverly conjured the glitz of Bollywood with vibrant saris, ethereal sitar music, and a live camel at cocktail-hour. She’s even created an oversize champagne-glass chandelier and hired stilt walkers to cut down flutes for a birthday toast. And come November 17, she will summon vintage Cuba to the Gaillard Auditorium for one hot Little Havana night. Yes, Tara Guérard is a master of magical worlds. But the fantastical celebrations she invents for the Circle of Light Gala serve a very real purpose—raising money and awareness for the prevention of child sexual abuse.”

Read on and see photos HERE!

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