A Survivor’s Message

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Dear Supporter,

This year, Darkness to Light reached the milestone of one million people trained to protect children from sexual abuse. As one of 42 million survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States, this means a lot to me. And yet, I know that there is still a long road ahead.

I know first-hand the devastation child sexual abuse can cause. Ninety percent of child sexual abuse is by someone known to the victim or family. In my case, it was my babysitter’s son. For others, it may be a family member, authority figure, or community leader. All children in all communities are at risk.

This is why the work of Darkness to Light is so important. Their programs provide adults with practical, applicable tools to help people actively prevent child sexual abuse, and respond effectively if the unthinkable happens. But they cannot do it without your support.

Darkness to Light needs only $4,913 by December 31st to reach its 2015 fundraising goal of $450,000.

As you make your end of year giving plans, I ask that you consider Darkness to Light and help them meet their goal.

Please visit D2L.ORG/PROTECT to make your contribution. Every dollar you donate is used to protect children from sexual abuse. If the adults in my life had been educated to protect, I might not be writing this letter today.


C. David Moody, Jr.
Child Sexual Abuse Survivor
President and CEO, C.D. Moody Construction Company