Stories of sexual abuse in our community can leave us feeling fearful and powerless. But we can turn our outrage into action. Prevention is the answer.

Successful Initiatives Typically Include:

  • A lead organization spearheading the prevention initative
  • A full time paid prevention specialist at the lead organization dedicated to the success of the effort
  • A community coalition of professionals and other concerned individuals who “make it happen”
  • Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children® training program and a network of facilitators who carry out the training
  • An exciting and inspiring goal that can engage and motivate the community
  • Funding necessary to carry out and sustain the initiative
  • Public awareness programs including media and other special events

Five Core Groups:

  • Schools & education (K-12 and Higher-Ed, public and private)
  • Faith centers
  • Youth serving organizations
  • Youth sports organizations
  • Parents

Start a community-based prevention effort:

Prevent Now! Workshop

Partner in Prevention

Prevent 360°