Darkness to Light’s grassroot movement utilizes a train-the-trainer model allowing adults to take ownership of child sexual abuse prevention in their community.

We believe in a world where adults have the courage to make deliberate decisions. Darkness to Light Certified Instructors and Authorized Facilitators model that core principle. None of the work we accomplish would be possible without the dedication of our trainers. They are courageous community advocates, they are go-getters, actively seeking opportunities to train more adults in their communities; and above all, they are passionate about empowering the adults in their community to protect children. We have more than 12,000 Authorized Facilitators and 160 Certified Instructors across the globe.

How does it work?

A Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitator is an individual who has been trained to host and deliver the Stewards of Children® training program. To become an Authorized Facilitator, an individual must attend a Facilitator Workshop and be authorized by a Darkness to Light Certified Instructor.

A Certified Instructor is a facilitator qualified to train other adults to become facilitators by leading Facilitator Workshops. In order to become an instructor, candidates must be a facilitator for at least a year, have trained more than 100 people, and live in an area where there is a need.


Interested in becoming an Authorized Facilitator or want to host a Facilitator Workshop in your community? Find out more here.