Earn continuing education hours or continuing education credit for learning how you can protect children from sexual abuse.

Darkness to Light strives to provide trainings that are approved for accredited continuing education hours for various professions. However, Darkness to Light is not an approved accredited organization for all occupations and/or states. If you find that your occupation is not listed on our site as eligible for CEU credits, please be assured that this does not necessarily mean you cannot receive credit for completing our training.

The list of occupations on our site is often brought to our attention by contact persons or associations. We recommend that individuals interested in obtaining CEU credits for Darkness to Light training check with the relevant authorities in their specific field or profession. 

If you know of an approval that is not listed below and would like to request to have it added, please email info@D2L.org. Please provide us with the steps necessary for the participants to receive their credits, as well as any language that may need to be added to our certificate for their approval.  

Below is a list of known requirements and approvals for professionals who have been confirmed to receive CEU credits from Darkness to Light’s training.  


Currently, Stewards of Children® is not approved nationally for counselors. However, it is approved on a state-by-state basis:

Fort Worth, Texas: Alliance for Children is approved to offer CEs for counselors by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors. If you attend an in-person Stewards of Children® training provided by Alliance for Children, you can receive counselor CEs. If you are in the Fort Worth area, please contact  Katia Gonzalez (kgonzalez@allianceforchildren.org) with the Alliance for Children if you are interested. 

Missouri: Based on Missouri state regulations, Stewards of Children® falls within the 20-hour requirement for “Formal Continuing Education” (20 CSR 2095-1.064 (5)(D)- Attending workshops, seminars, or continuing education courses relevant to counseling as defined in section 337.500(5), (6), and (7), RSMo. The licensee shall provide verification of attendance such as a certificate or letter of attendance indicating the date, time, and number of hours of continuing education from the workshop, seminar, or course provider.) Participants only need to retain their training certificate and present it to their licensing board. 

Missouri: Childrens Division 210 Credits Stewards of Children® is approved for 2.5 hours of 210 Credits. If CD personnel ask how to claim credit, you can direct them to enter the credits directly into the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal under “My Development.” They should enter the hours under “210 Stewards of Children.” 


Darkness to Light is approved to provide 2.5 CEU credit for dental professionals who participate in the Online Darkness to Light training on all modalities (online, in-person, and virtual). All persons wanting CE credit for the course should fill out the course evaluation form and email it directly to rmjones7@msn.com within two weeks of the completion of their online course.

Please click HERE to access the evaluation form. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the link, please email info@d2l.org. All persons submitting for CE credit should print VERY CLEARLY and/or include their name in the body or subject of the email. Dental Professionals attending in-person “live” training courses can use the same evaluation form to request CE for live courses but should state in the email and on the form that the course was live and not online. 

There is not a national board that approves programs on a national level for educators. It is either done by state, city, or school/district.


Mississippi: This is for any licensed daycare for children in the state of Mississippi (Bureau of Child Care Licensure of the Mississippi State Department of Health). They can receive 2.5 CEU Credits for completing the Stewards of Children® training in person. More information can be found on the Mississippi Department of Health site under Child Care Provider Training (https://msdh.ms.gov/page/30,0,183,437.html). Select MSDP-Approved Child Care Courses to view more information. Contact Sally Williams (sally@healingheartscarc.org) and Misty Gray (misty@healingheartscarc.org) for more information. 


Texas: Stewards of Children® is approved for 2 continuing professional education units by the Texas Education Agency (https://tea.texas.gov/texas-schools/health-safety-discipline/child-abuse-prevention/child-abuse-prevention-overview).  The approval number is 902071. The Provider number is #902-245. CEs are approved for the in-person and online training. 

Michigan: Michigan Teachers can receive 2.5 SCECHs for completing the Stewards of Children® Training in-person. To schedule a New Stewards of Children® training with the CAN (Child Abuse and Neglect) Council (serving Saginaw, Bay, Arenac, and Huron Counties), use this form. (https://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=BtVYWvauLkWA37buaFIAbF02PMMZB7VJmWa2MZYU09xUMUNTWEVHNTRFMDU2WTIwRzI0Rk82VFhSVy4u) 

If you are a facilitator looking to provide your participant credits for completing their in-person Stewards of Children® Training, please contact Diane Joles: (989) 667-3280 / jolesd@baisd.net. Facilitators will need to identify themselves as Darkness to Light Facilitators and request a sign-in sheet for their scheduled training. Stewards of Children® has been assigned a number so you can only use the sign-in sheet provided by Bay-Arenac ISD in order for teachers to get credit. Be prepared to provide details of your training (time, date, etc.). Once the training is completed, send it back to Diane, who will submit it for the teachers to get credit.