Introducing Child Safety Pledge; Taking a Stand to Keep Children Happy & Safe

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Darkness to Light recently expanded our resources through Child Safety Pledge, a new platform to specifically meet the needs of parents and caregivers as they protect the children in their care.

Here’s why we’re so excited about the newest addition to the Darkness to Light brand family. Parents lack a comprehensive resource for keeping kids safe from danger and abuse. Parents care about their child’s safety and while there is an overwhelming amount of information for preventing illness or injury to children available online, there are very few all-in-one resources for child protection. The Child Safety Pledge platform will fill this gap by providing easy and accessible resources parents need–and want as their children grow. You’ll find developmentally focused resources for every stage of childhood with an ever-growing learning hub that will offer tools for dealing with child sexual abuse, just as Darkness to Light is known for, as well as safety insights for many other forms of harm and danger to children.

The Child Safety Pledge Goal

The goal at Child Safety Pledge is to increase risk perception and improve prevention behaviors for parents and caregivers. We want to encourage and equip them to build healthy and safe habits with their children so they will naturally safeguard them from bigger threats, like child sexual abuse, that can have long-term, damaging effects. When parents have the tools, they need to help keep their children safe when choosing a car seat, hiring a caregiver, or talking about the dangers of e-cigarettes, then they are better positioned to navigate their children through tougher topics of polyvictimization; decreasing the odds of their children being victims of other types of abuse and neglect, including child sexual abuse.

Safer Communities

Child Safety Pledge is also shining a light on creating safer communities. We understand that all communities are different—their needs are different and often times their solutions are different, too. That’s why we are building tailored safety content that addresses the unique needs of specific and often marginalized communities, such as LGBTQ+, Jewish, Hispanic and Black. We look forward to continuing to build out a safe place for community-specific tools and resources.

Pledge to Protect

You’ll find that Child Safety Pledge is more than just a resource-provider: it is also a community of adults from across the nation making a public commitment through the Pledge to Protect to ensure the safety of the children in their lives.

The Pledge to Protect is important because it gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to make a promise to themselves and their children, to make safety a priority. And through our new platform, we’re making it easy for them to keep the promise! Through the addition of our brand-new Teaching Moments, quick and empowering videos, we will allow parents and caregivers to explore and understand how they can help create safe environments and establish safety standards for children. These teaching moments are short learning tools, made specifically for busy and on the go parents and caregivers who want to engage in a continued commitment to learning the best ways to keep their children safe.

Happy, healthy, and safe childhoods for all children is the goal, but that won’t happen on its own. It’s our responsibility as parents, caregivers, and safe adults to come together to create a world that’s safe for kids.

If you are a parent or caregiver, take the Pledge to Protect today and get started on your journey of protection with Child Safety Pledge. And help us spread the word to parents you know!


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