Thank you for your interest in becoming authorized to virtually facilitate Stewards of Children®.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions in reference to becoming a Virtual Authorized Facilitator and the Virtual Stewards of Children® modality. To see the recording of the Virtual Stewards of Children® Informational webinar that we hosted on  July 8th, 2020, click here.

Becoming an Authorized Virtual Facilitator

  1. Completion of Virtual Facilitator Application
  2. If approved, facilitators will need to successfully complete all requirements in the Authorized Virtual Facilitator Training;
  3. A commitment to prioritizing participant experience through signing a virtual facilitation agreement which includes restrictions such as class size and dual facilitation;
  4. Schedule training through the Facilitator Dashboard;
  5. Have attendees register through the Darkness to Light website so they have access to the training materials, including the virtual workbook;
  6. Purchase Virtual Training for each participant for $10 each (bulk discounts apply) or have participants purchase training upon registering;
  7. Use the Virtual Stewards of Children® Facilitator Guide & Script;
  8. Encourage participants to engage with the pre & post-survey through the Darkness to Light Portal.


The application is located on your Facilitator Dashboard. If you don’t have access to your dashboard, please email

Yes. If you are not an Authorized Facilitator, you can find the Facilitator Workshop schedule here.

Yes. We require that individuals be an Authorized Facilitator prior to attending the Advanced Facilitator Training or the Virtual Facilitator Training.

Yes. We’re determining the scope and pricing for this new training now, but if you apply by July 31st, we’ll waive the training fee.

Virtual Stewards of Children® Training & Workbook

$10 per person, bulk pricing applies.

The virtual workbook content is the same, but it is delivered in an engaging, interactive, and mobile responsive format.

We recommend having up to 15 participants with the maximum being 25 participants.

Once you complete the Virtual Facilitator Training, you can purchase the virtual training seats through the Storefront on your Facilitator Dashboard.

Yes, along with the Virtual Facilitator Guide & Script and the Facilitator Manual Addendum.

Participants are emailed the link to the interactive digital workbook once they register. The user will not be able to download the workbook as a PDF but they will always have access to the digital workbook.

The virtual workbook is very intuitive. Participants will receive an email with a link to their virtual workbook after they are registered. Once they select the link, it automatically opens the virtual workbook for them. Participants are able to scroll through and interact with the virtual workbook with ease. They also have the option to print the Personal Prevention Plan.

We suggest having the training be 15 to 30 minutes longer to solve for tech issues. However, the training itself should still be for two hours.

Facilitator Dashboard & Technology Details

Virtual Authorized Facilitator will create their event online through their Facilitator Dashboard. Once created, facilitators can share the registration link with their participants to register themselves. Or facilitators can bulk register participants.

No, you do not need to know who the participants are in advance. Similar to purchasing workbooks through the Storefront, you can purchase these bulk seats in advance and will be provided a user guide to be able to provide to your participants to be able to sign up for your training.

If you register training participants in a group rather than have them register themselves, you would have to buy a bundle of bulk virtual training seats from the Storefront on your Facilitator Dashboard first.

Yes, this is strongly recommended and is included in the Virtual Facilitator Guide & Script.

This is up to you. We will outline what features are required in the Virtual Facilitator Training and you can pick the platform.

We will cover much of that during the Virtual Facilitator Training.

Not currently, but this is something we are looking into. In the meantime, we suggest emailing your participants your pre-and post-survey.

It really depends on the facilitator’s comfort level with utilizing the video conferencing software.