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Below is the year-end letter sent to Darkness to Light’s friends and supporters from President and CEO Katelyn N. Brewer, regarding the future of child protection and our mission to protect all children from sexual abuse.

Dear Friend,

When you support Darkness to Light, you support a promise to help protect every child’s right to a happy, healthy, and SAFE childhood. And with the help of our donors, we have already made significant progress in our mission to end child sexual abuse. Now as we prepare for a new year and reaching new heights in child protection, I am asking for you to commit to our Year-End Campaign: Beyond the Darkness.  

For over 20 years, Darkness to Light has pioneered the space of child sexual abuse prevention. Alongside our Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitators, we have trained over 2 million adults worldwide through award-winning education initiatives, including Stewards of Children®. These safe adults are now equipped to protect millions more children from the immediate and long-term devastating effects of abuse. 

But the world has changed—and so have we! Throughout the unprecedented pandemic, Darkness to Light rose to the challenge of meeting the critical new needs of children and trained nearly 24,000 people virtually. The progress we have already made in embracing this new age of child protection is amazing, but there is still so much more to do. And we need your help!  

In 2022, Darkness to Light will embark on a journey to move beyond the darkness and create a brighter world for every child. We will introduce new and innovative initiatives that finally break down the barriers to child safety and expand the scope of our important mission. Some of these initiatives include:  

Updated state-of-the-art trainings
Hands-on support to youth serving organizations
Focused resource centers for parents and caretakers
Enhanced diversity, equity, and inclusion standards
Globally collaborative advocacy efforts  

If creating a brighter future for our children is important to you, then join us with your committed support by making your year-end gift today and taking a Darkness to Light training.  

Wising you a happy and healthy New Year,  

Katelyn N. Brewer,
President & CEO


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