New Year’s Resolutions for Youth Serving Organizations

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Some of us set personal resolutions for the New Year, but have you ever considered setting one for the youth serving organization you work for?

It might be something like:
  • Have all of our staff, volunteers and board members take Stewards of Children®
  • Become a Partner in Prevention
  • Develop customized social behavior change strategies for our organization
  • Embed culturally appropriate prevention practices that address the specific needs of our community
  • Improve our practices to aid in the prevention of child sexual abuse
Consider Darkness to Light’s culture-based consulting practices to help you achieve any of these resolutions.

Our practices will move your organization beyond traditional child safety-focused box-checking to systemic child safety-focused change.

Our Consulting Team realizes that each organization is at a different point in their protection journey and they ensure that the process for your organization is unique and specific to each client’s needs.

When you work with our Consulting Team, you are assigned one member to be with you on your prevention journey. The journey begins with a qualitative and quantitative analysis for each client we work with and that drives our work. From there, we work with you to set measurable objectives all while supporting you during the journey to meet those objectives. We also allocate dedicated time to follow up with your successes and see what support we might still be able to provide.

Explore these videos that better explain the different protection journey your organization can take with us and then let us know how we can help you meet your organization’s New Year’s Resolutions!


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