Keynote: Raising c.a.i.n.

How you can increase your impact in the movement to prevent child sexual abuse.

Keynote Speaker: Anton J. Gunn

Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can become an impact leader in the prevention of child sexual abuse. For nearly a decade, Anton Gunn has been history making advocate on national healthcare issues. He has inspired and empowered thousands of grassroots leaders. He has even provided advice and coaching to some of the most impactful leaders in America. From Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Hip Hop group, Public Enemy to the President of the United States, Anton will teach you the simple and impactful skills, that will allow you to become a game-changing difference maker.

In this program delivered by Power Speaker, Anton Gunn you will gain the four keys that will help you to become a leader that matters to others.

In this powerfully motivating program you will discover:

  • How to become a difference maker that matters
  • The importance of personal growth and leadership development
  • The impact of being an advocate for yourself and others
  • How to leave a legacy that matters to others