KEYNOTE: Use ACEs to Create Community Change

See firsthand how to use Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to create change on a community level.

Keynote Speakers: Dr. Alice Forrester & Laura Porter

Dr. Alice Forrester and Laura Porter will join Ignite 2018 as the Day One Keynote Speakers. You may recognize them from the film Resilience which chronicles the promising beginnings of a national movement to prevent childhood trauma, treat toxic stress, and greatly improve the health of future generations. 

Dr. Alice Forrester will provide concrete, practical ways to make the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) work within an organization to facilitate change in the lives of individuals and communities. Alice has seen firsthand how ACEs change how people parent and how communities heal. 

Laura Porter will give a brief overview of ACEs and the neuroscience that shape who we are as individuals. Laura will talk about how we can use ACES to create change on a community level.