A step-by-step guide to promoting Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Imagine a community where prevention is possible. Child Abuse Prevention Month can ignite a movement, or rekindle previous efforts, for communities committed to creating an environment where all children can grow up healthy and whole. This kit is designed to help you take advantage of child sexual abuse prevention education opportunities during Child Abuse Prevention Month. With some turnkey ideas, our hope is that you will find promoting your own awareness month initiatives a little easier.


In this kit you’ll find graphics and videos for social media and many other awareness resources. Several of these may be co-branded by your organization. See the section for each item in the guide for more direction. Darkness to Light logos and branding should remain on all images and may not be removed. We’ve also included a short review of the current Darkness to Light branding guidelines to make it easy for your organization to update any webpages or materials that might include old Darkness to Light graphics.


You can also download our “I Make Prevention Possible” signs and take your picture to share on your social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #preventionispossible when you share your image!

Download – English                   Download – Spanish

In addition to the kit, we encourage you to share these two videos about the impact of abuse and the positive outcomes when prevention is in place. These are great compliments to the kit and can help drive home the impact and prevention messages.

The Impact

Prevention is Possible

If you have any questions about how best to utilize any of the materials in this kit, contact us at media@D2L.org

Thank you for the time and effort you commit to educate your community on how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.