Hugging is a Choice

The holidays are here – time for family get-togethers, friend drop-ins, and fun holiday traditions. This season can quickly become hectic, too.  Work becomes busier, obligations to family and friends quickly pile up, and somehow you must find...

It’s the Spookiest Time of the Year!

Halloween safety can be tricky (see what we did there?). You have to hold allowing children to build independence and resilience in tension with maintaining a protective environment for your child. Kids need to learn to be savvy and street smart, but...

Darkness to Light Welcomes Rhonda Newton as CEO

CHARLESTON, SC – Darkness to Light, a leader in child sexual abuse prevention for over two decades, is celebrating a new chapter with the appointment of Rhonda Newton as its Chief Executive Officer, bringing over a decade of experience as an...

At-Home Summer Safety Mini-Guide with GoNoodle

In Our Summer Safety Mini-Guide with GoNoodle Part 1 on Outdoor Summer Safety, we covered all things sun, water, and outdoors (like fireworks). This time, we focus on Summer Safety at Home- everything from the front of the house to the backyard...

Internet Safety Month: Toolkit From NCMEC

Every June we celebrate Internet Safety Month. Our friends at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have shared the following toolkit with information and resources you need to protect kids online.   Into the Cloud Celebrate...
Close up of a mother and daughter playing video games together on a video game console using gamepads and headsets.

Esports Tower – A New Partner in Prevention

We are thrilled to welcome the Esports Towers as a new Darkness to Light Partner in Prevention! Esports Tower, the global esports training and development organization, has been recognized as a Partner in Prevention by Darkness to Light for...


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How We React and Respond Makes a Difference

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma have become a definitive part in how we address healing, in both children and adults. Educators are tasked to consider the traumas their students have experienced and how that might influence how they teach and interact with students. Those in healthcare are opening their eyes to the correlation between … Read More
Beyond Stewards of Children™, A Training to Create Prevention Oriented Communities

Beyond Stewards of Children™, A Training to Create Prevention Oriented Communities

Since 2004, Stewards of Children® has played a pivotal role in the protection of children from child sexual abuse in thousands of youth serving organizations. With the recent launch of Beyond Stewards of Children™ we are helping those organizations take their protection game to the next level. As its name suggests, Beyond Stewards of Children™ … Read More

Is Your After School Activity Topnotch?

After school activities serve as childcare, enrichment, tutoring, or engagement in sports. Whatever their purpose, parents and caregivers rely on these activities to keep their kids safe. Some parents will ask the tough questions (what training your staff has in child sexual abuse prevention, what is your code of conduct, how do you handle reports … Read More

Supplies Everyone Needs: Our Back-to-School Toolkit

Believe it or not, it is back to school time – time for academics, after school activities and homework.  Back to school means our children find themselves faced with a whole new set of adults (teachers, aides, school staff, and coaches) in which we ask them to trust. But there are many things that we … Read More