April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

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With their pinwheels, special days to wear blue, and local events, child advocates are out in full force bringing awareness to the many forms of child abuse affecting our children. That’s because we know that the only way to end child abuse is together. So, this month we invite you to join child advocates across the country in our joint mission to educate, empower and equip adults to better protect children from harm.

We know you’re busy, so the Darkness to Light team has put together three simple ways to support National Child Abuse Prevention Month and our vision of a world free of child sexual abuse. Take these steps below and you will be well on your way to making an impact in the lives of children you know and love. 

Know the Facts & Raise Awareness  

Did you know that there are an estimated 42 million survivors of child sexual abuse in the United States? Did you know that statistics show that 1 in 10 children in the United States will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday?

If you didn’t know these facts, you’re certainly not alone! The sad reality is that most adults don’t realize the widespread nature of this issue. This April, do your part to help spread more awareness of the widespread magnitude of child sexual abuse. Start by learning more! See more of the latest statistics and the impact on our society here. When you’re done, SHARE and SPREAD THE WORD!

Whether in-person or digitally, you have spheres of influence that need to know and understand the prevalence of child sexual abuse and how we can prevent it. Consider sharing our facts and resources on social media, with your coworkers, with family, or with any other safe adults.  

Become a Darkness to Light Authorized-Facilitator  

Once you’re equipped with the facts, take the next step and become a leader in transforming your neighborhoods into prevention-oriented communities. With the release of the NEW Stewards of Children® training this month, it’s the perfect time to become a Darkness to Light Authorized Facilitator—approved to deliver this prevention training to others. If you’ve taken Stewards of Children® before, you’ll be impressed with the significant updates that have been made to reach a new generation of children. 

Our Authorized Facilitators are what makes prevention possible. They go into their communities equipping and empowering organizations, parents, and leaders on how to recognize and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. With the help of our Facilitators, Darkness to Light curriculum has trained and created over 2 million safe adults. But guess what? We’re just getting started! Help us get to the next 2 million.

Learn more about the NEW Stewards of Children® at www.thenewstewards.org and visit its dedicated training page to sign up for an upcoming training date. Early bird rates are available!  

Make a Donation  

Of course, Darkness to Light’s work would not be possible without the generous support and contributions of our fearless advocates. It is because of this support that we have been able to keep our proven curriculum suite updated and relevant to the current needs of children and the adults tasked with their care. 

We cannot do this work alone! In honor of Child Abuse Prevention Month, please consider a generous donation to help Darkness to Light and our partners create communities that embrace prevention at a rate we’ve never seen before.   

As we commemorate Child Abuse Prevention Month, let us be reminded of one of our guiding principles.  

We all share the responsibility of keeping kids safe from harm and protecting the children in our lives. You have the power to protect kids and prevent abuse this month and beyond. Are you willing to take a stand? Are you willing to support the happy, healthy, AND safe childhoods that every kid deserves? Everyone has something to give this month. What can you give? Give your voice, give your time, give a gift! 



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