Jon Brunson

Hamilton, Bermuda

Jon currently serves as a Board Director of Bermuda Immigration Appeals Tribunal, Director of Colonial International Group,  whose mandate is to provide educational opportunities to disadvantaged young Bermudians that demonstrate academic excellence and the potential to make a contribution to Bermuda in the future, Director of Colonial Pentagon Global Diversified Bond Fund and Director of Take Five Ltd. 

Jon worked for 13 years with Orbis Investment Management Limited a leader in the Global Funds industry.  In 2002 Jon was appointed as a Justice of the Peace by the Governor of Bermuda and in 2003 was successfully elected to the House of Assembly as a Member of Parliament and Deputy Leader of the Opposition serving two terms before resigning in 2008. 

Jon has also served on many public bodies most of which have a focus on education. This includes his Directorship on the Joint Select Committee for the Advancement of Educational Reform, Directorship on the Board of Governors of Cedarbridge Academy, Directorship of the Masterworks Foundation, Directorship on the Donor Forum and his Directorship of the Duke of Edinburgh Foundation, The Bermuda Education Council, The Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda, Bermuda Overseas Missions and Orbis Founders Philanthropies – Scholar Program.  Jon is also a former Director of Bermuda Commercial and Bermuda Housing Corporation. 

Jon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & Computer Science, Master of Arts in Management and Human Resources Development. 

Jon is a trained facilitator with the Darkness to Light Organization whose mission is to empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse. 

In December 2016, Jon was recognized for his exceptional service and work in the community and awarded The Queen’s Certificate and Badge of Honour.