dr. jeff todahl, phd

Eugene, Oregon

Dr. Todahl has served as Director of the University’s Center for Family Therapy, as Director of the Couples and Family Therapy Graduate Program, and as CPHS Interim Department Head. He is the co-founder and Research Director of the Center for the Prevention of Abuse and Neglect in the College of Education.

Dr. Todahl’s research centers on violence prevention and community engagement as a vehicle for reducing child abuse. He is the primary investigator of several studies that investigated the complexities of intimate partner violence (IPV), IPV universal screening, IPV and couples therapy, child abuse prevalence, and child sexual abuse prevention. He is a research partner in a community-based participatory action research project that engages survivors of abuse and neglect in the research process.

Dr. Todahl has served as a research consultant for numerous organizations, including the Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force, the Trauma Healing Project, and the Lane County Legal Aid Domestic Violence Clinic.  His research has been recognized nationally, including several sole source contracts with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and as recipient of the 2010 Reviewer’s Choice Best Research Presentation Award at the 11th Annual National Community-Campus Partnerships for Health conference.

Dr. Todahl also has worked extensively in the local community. He has served on the Board of Directors for Womenspace and Ophelia’s Place, on the Trauma Healing Project’s Research Team Advisory Committee, on the Kids FIRST Safe Alternatives Center Advisory Committee, as Chair of the Court Watch Project Steering Committee, on the Oregon Safety-Focused, High Conflict Parenting Plan Workgroup, as a curriculum contributor to the Oregon State Regional Judicial Training on Domestic Violence, as an Advisory Committee member with the Womenspace Community Engagement Project, and as a member of the Lane County Prevention and Wellness Fund Advisory Committee

Currently, Dr. Todahl is leading the Oregon Prevalence Study research team supported by a grant from the Meyer Memorial Trust; the Stewards of Children® Evaluation Project, supported by a grant from The Ford Family Foundation; and the child abuse prevention Literature Review Team.