Child Advocacy Centers are vital to the prevention & intervention of child abuse.

As the experts in your community, your Child Advocacy Center is a vital resource for your local children and their families. You provide services for children who have endured abuse and their families, but what if you could help prevent abuse before children ever came through your doors?

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By offering both adult and child-focused prevention education, you can increase your Child Advocacy Center’s impact in your community and better protect children from abuse and other types of victimization. Offering this type of programming is a great way to provide added value to your existing relationships with schools, law enforcement, and youth-serving organizations.

Why Choose Prevent 360°?

Prevent 360° gives you access to evidence-based and evidence-informed programs that educate and empower both adults and children. Teaching complementary skills and strategies to give children and adults a common language, the programs together can help keep children safe. Prevent 360° provides online, virtual, and in-person options, and is available as a standard or customized package. Programming topics include the four types of child abuse, bullying, cyber-bullying, and digital dangers.

Get access to a free blueprint on how to use the programs together and a checklist of tips you can use to increase prevention resources to your community:

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