This session is a symposium-style discussion on primary prevention intervention programs, featuring:

Stand Strong, Walk Tall: Prehabilitation for a Better Future – Sarah Christofferson

This session will focus on the impact of Stand Strong, Walk Tall: Prehabilitation for a Better Future. Stand Strong, Walk Tall is a secondary, evidence-based prevention intervention to provide assessment and treatment services to individuals who have a sexual interest in children. 

Online, Clinician-Facilitated Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for CSAM – Christoffer Rahm

This session will feature Prevent It, an online clinician-facilitated cognitive-behavioral intervention for users of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). The intervention aims to reduce CSAM use and prevent child sexual abuse offenses.

Moderated by Michael Seto.

April 29 @ 11:25
11:25 — 12:30 (1h 5′)

Ignite Conference

Christoffer Rahm, Michael Seto, Sarah Christofferson