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ENGAGE TRACK: The Connection Between Racism, Oppression, Latinx Culture and Sexual Violence – Rosa Beltré

CSA survivors that are parents are challenged to teach abuse prevention due to their unhealed traumas, triggers, and inability to navigate the mental health issues that get exacerbated when considering prevention information. This group opts to overprotect vs educate and ill equips their children, making them particularly vulnerable to grooming. Using a trauma-informed survivor-focused model for teaching consent and abuse prevention education, a CSAS parent can better navigate this education process and empower their families.

ENACT TRACK: From Knowing to Acting – How to Talk with Leaders about Child Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct – Jamie Forbes

Our roles are to help leaders shift from knowing they need to do, to actually taking action. Too often fear can be a driving force in administrative decision making. This session will show that using a survivor-focused lens helps convince and reassure leaders that they will be both doing the right thing and reducing likelihood of legal battles, in addition to saving time and spending less on professional resources and survivor support.

EMBED TRACK: Building a Partnership with Schools for Impactful Prevention Work – Stacy Pendarvis, Carol Neal Rossi, Beth Dudjak (Monique Burr Foundation for Children), & Stefani Szwejbka, MCJ

The prevention education mandate exists (or maybe it doesn’t), but how do you actually partner with schools to implement abuse prevention education? Hear from those who have done it and walk away with actionable steps to get started or expand your school-based prevention initiative.

April 28 @ 11:00
11:00 — 12:00 (1h)

Ignite Conference

Beth Dudjak, Carol Neal Rossi, Jamie Forbes, Rosa Beltré, Stacy Pendarvis, Stefanie Szwejbka