Attendees Choose One – One Hour

ENGAGE TRACK: Child Sexual Abuse Material Collecting & Connection to Hands On-offending – Lt. Joe Laramie, ret.

This workshop looks at the myth that those who collect child sexual abuse material (CSAM) are just looking at pictures or watching videos, and not a risk to offend against children. You will hear of the short and long-term impact CSAM has on victims and the importance of aggressive law enforcement and multi-disciplinary team investigations, along with the importance of mandated reporting of CSAM cases.

ENACT TRACK: A Call to Action: Change the Stats in the Black Community – Dr. Andrea Anthony

Long before Rosa Parks became the patron saint of the Bus Boycott, she was an anti-rape activist and investigator. Using historical facts, evidence and research, the black community’s time is NOW to break the barriers around the culture of silence. Be inspired and engaged in the mind shift to IGNITE the “Village Mentality” and SAFEGUARD our children.

EMBED TRACK: Statewide Initiatives Panel – Anne Auld, Tiffany Sawyer & Nikki Berger, Rachelle Soden, & Mary Ratliff

Are you a part of a statewide organizational initiative, or looking to start one? This presentation will include how four states have maximized a variety of funding streams, how they have partnered across their state, and how they have benefitted from the relationships built with other states doing similar work.

April 27 @ 14:45
14:45 — 15:45 (1h)

Ignite Conference

Anne Auld, Dr. Andrea Anthony, Lt. Joe Laramie, ret., Mary Ratliff, Nikki Berger, Rachelle Soden, Tiffany Sawyer