Darkness To Light Announces New Stewards Of Children®

Darkness To Light Announces April Release Of The New Stewards Of Children® Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training CHARLESTON, SC – Darkness to Light, a national not-for-profit leader in the prevention of child sexual abuse, announced today the April ...
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New Year’s Resolutions for Youth Serving Organizations

Some of us set personal resolutions for the New Year, but have you ever considered setting one for the youth serving organization you work for? It might be something like: Have all of our staff, volunteers and board members take Stewards of Children® ...

A Look Back: 2022

Major milestones in child sexual abuse prevention were a part of 2022 for Darkness to Light and we are honored to have shared them with you. As we look back on some of the highlights of 2022 it is evident that our mission, to equip and empower adults ...


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‘Precious’ is the Latest Film to Show the Ugly Side of Life

‘Precious’ is the Latest Film to Show the Ugly Side of Life

Child abuse, and child sexual abuse in particular, are still major taboos in our society. Only by shedding light on such dark topics can we ever expect to see a positive change. “Darkness can not drive out Darkness, only Light can do that.” MLK Los Angeles Times By Janet Kinosian The film “Precious: Based on … Read More

Learn More About Stewards of Children

Learn more about Stewards of Children in today’s Tuesday Talking Point!
Adults’ Responsibility in Child Sexual Abuse

Adults’ Responsibility in Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Abuse: The Hidden Epidemic Child sexual abuse is a hidden but significant problem in every community in America. Experts estimate that one in four girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Less than one in ten will tell. Research clearly shows that individuals who are sexually … Read More
Pediatrician accused of molestation; ‘multiple victims’ cited

Pediatrician accused of molestation; ‘multiple victims’ cited

Another horrific story of child sexual abuse is making national headlines and we have yet to see PREVENTION promoted as an alternative! You would struggle to find an article about breast cancer where a mammogram wasn’t mentioned; prevention training should be just a synonymous with child sexual abuse. (CNN) — A Delaware pediatrician is facing … Read More