Research broadens our understanding of how abuse occurs and can help us better prevent it. 

Disclosure Research

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Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure

Prevalence Research

Child sexual abuse prevention organizations and practitioners that interact with the public desire a current child sexual abuse prevalence statistic. In 2016, there is not one single definitive study or meta-analysis U.S. practitioners can point to as the basis for a current child sexual abuse prevalence statistic. These six studies suggest an overall full-childhood sexual abuse prevalence rate of 7.5% – 11.7%*. These studies suggest the child sexual abuse prevalence rate for girls is 10.7% – 17.4%* and the rate for boys is 3.8% to 4.6%*.

*Contact abuse only.
Prevalence Rate White Paper

Texas Educator Research

This report summarizes a project that suggests that child sexual abuse training for educators leads to significantly increased reports of abuse. Increases in reports, in turn, could lead to improved outcomes for sexually abused children.

Prevalence and Consequences Research

This paper investigates the prevalence and consequences of child sexual abuse compared with other childhood experiences. The information presented on each childhood condition or experience is largely based in science, but comparison between them is relatively subjective.
Prevalence and Consequences Research